Reputable suburban Chicago, Illinois breeder of exceptional AKC puppies since 1984--
OFA, GDC, BERNER-GARDE-- with longevity and health paramount to us!
Our puppies have been raised in a very experienced home and are exposed to early socialization, environmental stimulation,  and enriching activities since infancy. We believe in a conservative approach and exposing our puppies to children, people, toys and other animals on a regular basis. Our puppies are used to the handling and touching of all parts of their anatomy because pups that are handled early and on a regular basis are generally better equipped to overcome the stresses encountered during adolescence. We pride ourselves on puppies that are reared in an enriched environment because they tend to be more inquisitive and are more able to perform difficult tasks. Honeybear puppies have the advantage to teach, delight, and offer your family that special kind of companionship. 

All males and females have OFA Good Hips and OFA Clear Elbows. Here at Honeybear Berners we understand how important a new member of the family is and health and longevity come first!


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